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Equipments @ OT

List of Equipments at OT


S.no Name of Equipments
1.    Motorized Operating Tables (Three)
2.  Operating Microscope (Zeiss)-Two
3.  Operating Microscope (Gaurdian)
4.    Phaco Machines:
a. Oertli (Switzerland)-(Two)
b. Millenium (Bausch & Lomb, USA) with Posterior Vitrectomy
5.  C3R (Vega)-Italy
6.  Lasik Laser (Wave Light ,Germany ) ® EX500 Excimer
7.  Moria microkeratome(M2 Evolution3-France)
8.    Central Oxygen supply
9.    Air Sterilizer
10.             U.P.S.(Online) -6 kv(One) 3 kv(One)
11.             Autoclaves (Two), Fast Sterilizer (One)
12.             Patient Beds (Fifteen)
13.             Oxygen cylinder (Four)